Client Feedback

Mary Erlain helps her clients assess their skills in their work environment, identifying and revitalizing areas that need to be shored up, reinforced or restructured to enhance performance. If you want to reach the uppermost pinnacles in your profession, that you may have considered beyond your reach, Mary is an outstanding resource for your professional growth and success.

– Linda J. Purcell, Owner, Purcell Associates LLC

Have you ever met someone who just “gets it”? You don’t have to explain things in detail. That’s Mary Erlain. Interesting that her tag line is that she ‘connects the dots’. That’s the essence of how she works. She knows who will work well with who, and what works and what doesn’t. I’m also impressed by her depth of business knowledge.

– Tom Wieczorek, Owner at Sales Automation Specialists.

I felt isolated for over a decade, my small business running almost completely on my steam; I generated leads, I had to close the business, I had to produce all the business. You know the feeling, I’m sure. But connecting and working with Entrepreneurs Group has played an important role in allowing me to see that I can change this, I can share in the successes and the failures with my team. They inspired me to set goals, be responsible for them, allow the process to drive my business. Instead of the other way around. Mary and Michael are a critical factor in helping me develop more as a business owner and grow my business.

– Dennis Hildebrand, President, Creative Director, Producer - Hildebrand Creative

Michael and Mary make a great team. Their skills and backgrounds may be different, but the service they provide stabilizes the entrepreneurs they serve. The combination of individual meetings and the Entrepreneurs Group meetings has assisted me in my personal and business goal setting.

– Harry M. McCabe, ACFWA, ACFBA, President - Harry McCabe Adivsors

Mary Erlain is a great business consultant with high integrity and personality. She will be an asset to any business who is using her services. If your business depends on sales volume, you should definitely work with Mary Erlain to increase it. She will work with you and show you how to find good prospects, sell your services and keep your customers.

– Liana Mirea, U.S. Department of State

Enter every activity without giving mental recognition to the possibility of defeat. Concentrate on your strengths, instead of your weaknesses… on your powers, instead of your problems.

– Paul J Meyer

I knew little or nothing about Social networking until I took a short course from Mary. She is phenomenal! I now know how to navigate and leverage the many benefits of LinkedIn thanks to Mary’s insights and recommendations. If you are getting started using LinkedIn, invest the time in Mary’ course, you will be prepared to soar upon completion of the training.

– Dave Nix

I’ve attended Peak Networking meetings for several years as a seated member. I had a run of almost 2 full years in which every meeting I was able to attend resulted in at least one piece of new business.

– Rich Bryan, Owner, RWB Incorporated